Start Today


Today is your day, in fact right now is your time to start, after you read this blog post of course ;). 

LIVE, for goodness sake LIVE! So many of us live as if tomorrow is guaranteed, ha its not. Not for you or me thats why we've got to live and live boldly. Start today, don't wait for Monday or the perfect time, because you'll be waiting forever. Stop making excuses, and starting doing! Lets step out of the cocoon, the comfort and do something out of the ordinary, such as reaching out to a brand you'd like to work with, hello Reebok.


We all tend to over think and over analyse (guilty) but I've been talking to myself, thinking and reading a lot more lately and I've come to realise I have nothing to lose. I came to this earth with nothing, zero, dololo and I'll leave with just that. If its baby steps you start with thats okay, but with time those step will have to turn into boss man steps, don't get comfortable. The space between now and when I kick the bucket is here for me to try, fail and succeed boldly. Heres to doing more, smelling the flowers, dancing on the streets, getting those HD's, landing that dream job, being happy. Basically what Im saying is live, live the life you've dreamt of and if you aren't  then take the necessary steps to get you there and do it with style.


Swapped my shorts and sneakers from my Jungle Gym outfit for a mini skirt and heels. Perfect exchange for a day to night look. Added statement drop hoop earrings, to make things interesting and give the outfit a "dressed up" feel. A flat lay of this outfit would make me turn my head to the side in doubt but like all outfits, trying it on helps AND the attitude you wear it with of course.  


Outfit details

Bralette: Cotton on Candice bralette 

Skirt: Stradivairus (No longer available) ASOS alternative 

Denim Jacket: Levis, thrifted (closet match in original condition)

Sneakers: Reebok Split Personality (white/grey) 

Heels: Myer Miss shop range (no longer available) ASOS alternative 

Earrings: Thrifted 

Watch: Fossil (closest match) 


Photography by The Purple Classics