When Reebok and Nike Meet

This weeks post is inspired by a Dominican radio broadcast. A listener calls in to request a song he doesn't know the name of just the "lyrics" "Esas Reebok o son Nike" translation "Are those Reebok or Nike". After a few moments the presenter thinks he knows the song, the callers after...I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't heard the broadcast or know the song...I'll leave you the link so you can enjoy it too, because this is a broadcast I come back to and still laugh just as much as I did the first time.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd4TsegK9fQ

It was only months later that I had a light bulb moment while laughing with Gillan AKA The Purple Classics about this broadcast,  I thought hang on this is a blog post waiting to happen with my name written all over it. I love Reebok and if you know me or follow me on Instagram you can attest to that. And with that we present to you...Esas Reebok o Son Nike


Reebok head to toe was a given for me, unfortunately all the clothes I'm wearing can now be considered Reebok vintage, trying to find them online has proven to be mission impossible (sorry yall). Colour used to be something I shied away from when I was younger I can already hear my mother saying "Why do you hate colour darlin' you need to love colour". Now its the core of most of my outfits, I chose bold coloured pieces to create a casual sporty look, bit of an oxymoron but as much as I love casual I want my outfit to have presence.


 Gillan's all black look, stands out just as much as the colourful look I'm rocking in fact it can been seem as some sort of an anchor in this photo series, it adds stability. Black doesn't ask for attention, it just is and you cant help but look it.  Both outfits catch the eye in different ways...I love that our outfits match effortlessly, we never coordinate our looks just simply throw out a dress code this one being sporty casual and WAM BAM its a seamless match.We're out here looking like Boss man Ladies, and its all in the attitude we exuded. 



Outfit Details

Massy: Dressed from Head to toe in Reebok

Vest: Thrifted 

Long sleeve Tee: Thrifted

3/4 Shorts: No longer available Alternative on ASOS

Sneakers: Reebok Split Personality

The Purple Classics

Outfit details will be on Gillian's blog The Purple Classics soon.


Photography by Kagisho Pitso