Jungle Gym

When working towards a long term goal we may find ourselves feeling discouraged at the lack of immediate results. This is similar to working out, you may hit the gym for the first time after a long "break" or maybe you've BEEN hitting the gym and after your session you're busy in the mirror bending over backwards wondering wheres my six pack ? All jokes aside though when it comes to achieving anything in life whether it be washboard abs, high distinctions, or a positive attitude whatever it may be you need to work at it consistently. Remember that nothing worth having comes easy, these things take time. Consistency is key, don't be discouraged when you don't see immediate results, there coming just keep at it!


When it comes to achieving the sporty luxe look, I'd saying for myself I go 100% in either direction in this case sporty, then I dial it back by adding a touch of luxe. Originally I had paired my textured cotton shorts with a black sports corp top and after a little inspection in the mirror I thought nah, this ain't it. Switching the crop top for the Cotton On Candice bralette did the trick, making the look a bit more interesting. I added the Levis denim jacket for some edge and completed the outfit with none other than my favourite sneaker brand Reebok. These sneakers are comfortable and tie perfectly into the look, the suede grey edges pair well with the textured look of the shorts (its the little details that count). In this look you can catch me slaying at the jungle gym while working on my fitness...you'll be my witness (Winking face). 


Outfit details

Bralette: Cotton on Candice bralette 

Shorts: Thrifted 

Denim Jacket: Levis, thrifted (closet match in original condition)

Shoes: Reebok Split Personality (white/grey) 

Earring: Lovisa ( no longer available online)

Watch: Fossil (closest match) 


Photography by The Purple Classics